Mojito, 4 Ways

Posted on July 7th, 2020

Mojito, 4 Ways

Mojito, 4 Ways from Tony's Fresh Market

Summer is the absolute perfect time to enjoy a classic summer cocktail like a mojito. The ingredients are simple, clean, and refreshing. All you really need is some mint, lime, simple syrup, and rum. But if you’re looking to spice up this classic cocktail, then we have 4 amazing recipes for you to try! 

Our four recipes include this traditional rum cocktail, a berry version, a sweet strawberry version, and a very unique kiwi mojito. Each variation takes the classic elements and adds a little something extra that is perfect for a delicious summer drink. Don’t worry, you’ll still have that same refreshing taste! But, the new mixture of flavors will have your friends asking for more and more refills.

Try them all and let us know your favorite by voting in the poll below!

Traditional Mojito from Tony's Fresh Market

Traditional Mojito

Although the origins of a traditional mojito are difficult to trace, it’s said that it was first developed as a medicinal drink to curb disease on the island of Cuba. Authentic ingredients include cane sugar or cane syrup, spearmint, soda, and white rum. Ingredients make all the difference, but luckily you can find all of these at Tony’s Fresh Market. So, sit back and take in a bit of cocktail history with this tasty traditional mojito.

Mixed Berry Mojito

The next cocktail recipe blends the sweet refreshing taste of sugar and lime with tart mixed berries. If you are a fan of a little extra tartness in your cocktails, then this recipe is for you. We also love that this cocktail recipe includes a lot of mixed berries. It tastes just as great as it looks in the glass.

Mixed Berry Mojito from Tony's Fresh Market
Strawberry Mojito from Tony's Fresh Market

Strawberry Mojito

This recipe tends to be on the sweeter side for a summer cocktail. Mixing in fresh strawberries and then muddling the ingredients together gives this drink a unique flavor. We also recommend this recipe at the height of strawberry seasons (beginning of summer). You get the best of both worlds with sweet strawberries and refreshing mint.

Kiwi Mojito

To be totally honest, we had no idea what to make of this final cocktail. Contrasting from the tart berries and sweet strawberries, the kiwi tends to mellow out this cocktail. If mojitos aren’t your go-to cocktail, then give this one a try. It’s a refreshing cocktail with less of the “sour” lime taste.

Kiwi Mojito for Tony's Fresh Market


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