Frequently Asked Questions for Curbside Pickup

The following FAQs are applied to the Tony’s Fresh Market Curbside Pickup Service. They are intended for informational purposes only. If you cannot find your question in these Frequently Asked Questions for Pickup, then please visit our Pickup Forum.

You are also welcome to provide feedback about your order or review your Curbside Pickup Shopper by filling out our Curbside Pickup Feedback Form.

You can find more detailed instructions for Curbside Pickup Services on our Pickup Guide

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us via our Contact Us Form.

Enjoy the convenience of online grocery shopping with:

  • Pickup orders at select Tony’s Fresh Market locations (Fullerton Ave., Lincoln Ave., Berwyn, Hanover Park, Niles, Bolingbrook, Burbank, Lincoln Ave., Countryside, Prospect Heights, and Plainfield)
  • Delivery through Instacart


Below are the Pick Up Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the steps to place a Curbside Pickup Order at Tony’s Fresh Market.

  1. Create an account on our website and select your store location (Currently, Curbside Pickup is only available at the Fullerton Ave, Lincoln Ave., Berwyn, Burbank, Hanover Park, Niles, Prospect Heights, Countryside, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield locations).
  2. Visit the Tony’s Fresh Market SHOP. Select the items you would like to add to your cart and the quantity.
  3. Once you are done with your order, click the “Checkout” Button and begin the checkout process online.
  4. Select your Pickup Date and Time. Add any final instructions to your order.
  5. Review your order and make any changes as needed. At this point, you can add a promotional code and begin the payment method process. 
  6. Click the “Pay with Debit/Credit Card” Button and you will be taken to the Worldpay portal. Please complete your payment method here.
  7. Once your payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been processed and begun the “shopping” process. You will receive a second email once your order is ready for pick up.

Please also visit our Pickup Instructional Page for more detailed notes.

At this time, we are only offering Curbside Pickup at our Berwyn, Bolingbrook, Burbank, Countryside, Fullerton Ave, Hanover Park, Lincoln, Niles, Plainfield, Prospect Heights, and Round Lake Beach locations. We will continue to broaden our pick-up services throughout all of our stores.

To find out if we deliver to you, please shop using Instacart Delivery.

There is a $4.99 Curbside Pickup Fee for all orders.

No, there is no minimum order amount for Curbside Pickup.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. We also accept debit cards that have a VISA or MasterCard logo.

You will find nearly all the same selection of items as you would in any Tony’s Fresh Market location. However, some items have been removed like any hot food bar items, salad bar, olive bar, and cafe selection. We have also removed products such as greeting cards, magazine, books, DVDs, tobacco products, and stamps. Other products may be unavailable at times. 

There are times when we may run out of a product. Our personal shopper team will do their best to substitute for a similar product in the picking process. You will receive an update of a substituted item once your order is ready for pickup. If you do not want the substituted item, you always have the option to make a return for a full refund. Please notify your personal shopper and he or she will return it and you will receive a refund on your credit card. You may also contact customer service at with any questions or issue.

If a product is missing from your order, you have 48 hours from the time of pickup to notify the store or our Customer Support at for a full refund.

Please note that alcoholic beverages and baby formula cannot be returned once you have picked up your order.

There are two ways you can add instructions for our Personal Shoppers.

First, you can add notes in the specific product by clicking the green “Add Notes” button. For example, add a note to a deli item for a specific cut or a produce item for a specific size.

Second, you can add a note to the entirety of your order in the Checkout section. There is a text box available labeled “Instructions” to add any notes. For example, add a note for the Personal Shoppers to specify the way you would like your items bagged (i.e. “Please bag my the apples with the cucumbers.”)

On any given day, Curbside Pickup orders begin at 9AM. The last order is scheduled for pickup at 7PM.

When placing your order, there is a provisional hold for the total. We temporarily authorize your card for the higher of $5 or 10% of the item total. It helps account for charges like a bottle deposit, final sales tax, and items sold by weight. As soon as your order is complete, we charge your card for exactly what was in your final order.

The dollar amount displayed at checkout is only an estimate, based on the products you selected and their prices at the time of order, and estimated product weights for certain items in your order. The final total cannot be determined until the day and time the order is sourced and processed for a number of reasons including that we need to confirm the availability of all products on that day and may substitute differently priced products depending on your preferences, that product weights, and prices, as well as available promotions, may vary between the date you submit the order and the date and time that the order is prepared for delivery/pick up and that certain charges, such as any applicable taxes, bottle deposits, and bag charges, cannot be determined until the order is prepared for delivery/pickup. In addition, even though we make an effort to describe and display our products and services accurately on our websites, mobile apps, and/or advertising, a product may be mispriced, described inaccurately, or unavailable and we may experience delay in updating information on our websites, mobile apps and/or in our advertising.

Yes! Tony’s Fresh Market Curbside Pickup is designed for you to pickup your groceries at one of our locations. Currently, we have pickup available at Fullerton Ave., Lincoln Ave., Berwyn, Burbank, Hanover Park, Niles, Prospect Heights, Countryside, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield.

Pickup orders are selected the day of your scheduled pickup. These orders are kept fresh in our store until your arrival. Depending on the items in your order, they are kept fresh in refrigerators or freezers.

Yes, most orders will be packaged in either paper or plastic bags (depending on the size of the item).

Please plan to pickup your order before 8PM on the same day your order is ready for pickup. Any pickup orders not claimed by that time will be restocked and your order will be canceled.

No. Our Personal Shoppers do not accept tips. However, we thank you for your gratitude.

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, with our Curbside Pickup service, please call the store you picked-up from directly or email We will work to resolve any issues. Please report any feedback within seven days after the date of your pickup order.

Please email us directly at A member of our team will respond directly to you.

Please feel free to give us feedback about your Curbside Pickup Order here.

If you want to give a review of your experience or feedback about your shopper, please feel free to fill out that form as well.

Only one promotional code per customer per day can be used.

If multiple orders are placed by (1) customer with multiple promotional codes, then the customer will be contacted. Their orders may be combined or canceled.

Yes, upon order pickup, you will be asked for a valid, state-issued ID along with the original form of payment. This information will be used to validate the order prior to releasing it.

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