La Catrina Mas Catrina Photo Submission Contest

Welcome to Tony’s Fresh Market’s La Catrina Photo Submission Contest!

Get into the Day of the Dead spirit for a chance to win an awesome prize! Paint yourself a sweet sugar skull makeup, snap a photo, and submit your entry for the chance to win one of the following prizes:La Catrina Dia de Los Muertos Tony's Fresh Market

  • 1st Place: $500 Visa Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: $400 Visa Gift Card
  • 3rd Place: $300 Sephora Gift Card
  • 4th Place: $200 Ulta Gift Card
  • 5th Place: $100 MAC Gift Card
  • 6th Place: $100 Tony’s Gift Card
  • 7th Place: $100 Tony’s Gift Card

2023 Tony’s Fresh Market La Catrina Photo Contest Winners!

We would like to thank everyone for their amazing contributions to the 2023 Tony’s Fresh Market La Catrina Photo Contest! It was difficult choosing 7 winners with all of the creative submissions.

We’d like to extend our Congratulations to the top 7 winners of the 2023 La Catrina Photo Contest! Let’s do this again next year!

  • 1st Place: Aubry R.
  • 2nd Place: Joanna F.
  • 3rd Place: Raul A.
  • 4th Place: Bianca T.
  • 5th Place: Kayra J.
  • 6th Place: Kimberly R.
  • 7th Place: Maritza A.

Public Voting Period The Public Vote generated a list of the Top 20 Contestants. Scroll down to see all the approved submissions.

Judging and Selection – a panel of Tony’s Marketing Team will review the top (20) Contestant photos as generated by the public vote. Selection of the top (7) Winners will begin November 6, 2023, at 12:01 PM CST, and ends November 6, 2023, at 5:00 PM CST, with announcement of the winners happening soon after.

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The History of Dia de los Muertos and La Catrina!

Dia de Los Muertos is a special holiday in Hispanic cultures that is observed annually from Nov. 1 to Nov. 2.  

Though this holiday takes place during Halloween time, Dia de Los Muertos is an entirely different celebration.  Those who celebrate this holiday do so with joy rather than sadness acknowledging that death is a natural and normal part of life.  

Dia de los Muertos Skeleton Parade Tony's Fresh Market
La Catrina Dia de los Muertos Tony's Fresh Market

One of the most recognizable figures of Dia de Los Muertos is “La Catrina,” who is depicted as an elegantly dressed and well put together skeleton.  While the makeup may represent the beauty in passing and remembering those we love, she communicates the concept that regardless of social status everyone is equal in the end through death.

It is believed that during Día de los Muertos, the spirits of those who have passed away return to visit their loved ones who are still alive. 

To welcome their loved ones for their return, families and communities come together to create ofrendas filled with cempasuchil, papel picado, sugar skulls, and images of deceased loved. And, in death as in life, food is considered nourishment for the soul, so their favorite foods and drinks are also placed on the altar.  

Pan de muerto is a highly symbolic food that is commonly placed on ofrendas.  The round shape is said to represent the circle of life and death, with a round dough ball on top to symbolize the skull of the deceased and pieces of dough across the bread symbolizing their bones and tears, in addition to the four cardinal points.   It is also flavored with orange blossom in honor of the deceased.

All of this is done to guide and invite the spirits of our loved ones back to visit with us for one day out of the year and reminds us that our ties to the dead are ever-present.

For more information about Dia de los Muertos and La Catrina, visit The Mexican Museum’s website.

Dia de los Muertos Pan de Muerto Offering Altar Tony's Fresh Market

Get into the Spirit of Dia de los Muertos!

Hornitos Reposado Dia De Los Muertos Margarita from Tony's Fresh Marke Pan de Muerto Bread at Tony's Fresh Market El Tesoro Reposado El Diablo Recipe from Tony's Fresh Market
Hornitos Reposado Dia De Los Muertos Margarita

Spice up your Dia de los Muertos
celebrations with this unique Margarita
from Hornitos.

Pan de Muerto. . . it’s to die for!

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El Tesoro Reposado El Diablo

This El Diablo cocktail takes a new look at a traditionally “terrifying” cocktail.
Watch out for this one!