AXE Body Wash for Men Skin Hydrator, 12 oz

It’s been a long, hot day. But you’re fresher than a daisy in the shade. Everywhere you’ve been, everyone you’ve seen is feeling the heat –looking for those handy spare cans of deodorant, flapping the fronts of their t-shirts, trying to cool down. And that’s just another way for you to gain an edge. You feel like you’ve just stepped out of the shower and onto the Alps. While everyone else is lingering by the A/C, you’re breezing by and getting on with your day. AXE Body Wash for men Skin Hydrator 12 fl. oz with bergamot and cedarwood leaves skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. This men’s body wash, made with bergamot and cedarwood, gives you a woody, fresh scent to start your day. To fully supercharge your style, team up this body wash with a solid antiperspirant like AXE Signature Night Dry Spray for Men. Then clean up your hair with AXE Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade. To improve your shower experience, try the AXE Shower Detailer. Simply pour your AXE Skin Hydrator Body Wash onto the AXE Detailer - a dual-sided shower tool that helps to both exfoliate and gently clean. The scrub side of the AXE Detailer removes dead skin and debris from rough spots like elbows and heels. The soft mesh on the flipside lathers to clean sensitive areas. Simply hang it to dry in the shower after getting clean. Find Your Magic with AXE – The No. 1 Male Body Wash Brand in the World. *Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men's bath and shower retail value sales, 2015. AXE includes all Axe/Lynx/Ego Sales.