Bai Antioxidant Water, Infused with the Antioxidant Mineral Selenium, 33.8 Fluid Ounce Bottle

You work hard. From the moment you wake up, you’re off and running. Okay, maybe you hit the snooze button once. But you still need hydration that works as hard as you do. That’s why we crafted Antioxidant Water to help your daily grind. At Bai, we’ve reimagined and expanded water’s superpowers beyond basic hydration. Bai® beverages are antioxidant infusions that deliver more than you ever expected from regular H2O. We wondered what water could truly become, and then we made it. Bai, It’s WonderWater™. Bai Antioxidant Water® is an antioxidant-infused beverage with the mineral selenium that deliver smooth and delicious enhanced water. With a pH balance of 7.5 or higher, added electrolytes for taste, and purified via reverse osmosis technology, Bai Antioxidant water works as hard as you do to help stay hydrated throughout the day. Everyone at Bai is committed to bringing this world to life. It’s a future too marvelous to exist only in our imaginations. We want everyone to be able to experience it. Bai’s approach to innovation guides us in our quest. We are eager to find new ways to translate modern wellness trends into tasty drinks everyone can enjoy. Because that’s the only way to make this world of better beverages a reality. And with every sip you take, we all are one step closer to our envisioned future.