Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails Variety Pack, Gluten Free, 6 Pack, 12 FL OZ Cans, 4.5% ABV

Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails turns traditional sparkling water cocktails into something more fresh and exciting. Made with six simple ingredients and nothing artificial, these contain just the following: carbonated water, alcohol from real cane sugar, real cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, and fruit juice (for color). Inspired by that place where the land meets the water, Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails were created to deliver a refreshing and flavorful take on hard strawberry lemonades, margaritas, blackberry mojitos, and white peach sangrias without being overly sweet. Cape Line cocktail drinks are gluten free with a 4.5% alcohol by volume, 120 calories per serving, and have all the flavor with none of the compromise. This variety pack of sparkling drinks is perfect to have around for hangouts, barbeques and social gatherings with friends.