Chobani™ Oat Plain Barista Edition Oat Drink 32 fl. oz. Carton

Plant based oat milk. Creamy & delicious. Steam superior. Froths & foams. Creamy & Delicious: Add rich texture and taste to your favorite drinks. Steams Superior: Perfect for professional and at-home steaming. Froths & Foams Fantastic: Great for layering lattes, crafting capps, and making macchiatos. Oats, good for you and the planet. Grows with Less Water: Oats require less water to grow than almonds. Improves Soil Health: Oats are a cover crop, enriching the soil where they grow and protecting it from erosion. Diversifies Our Diets: While agricultural production is primarily corn, rice, and wheat, oats bring a welcome diversity to our diet. Creamy Like Milk: Oats give a rich and creamy texture like dairy milk - without the dairy. Packaged Sustainably: Chobani Oats is packaged in recyclable cartons that are made with paperboard from FSC - certified forests and other controlled sources. Tetra Pak: Protects what's good. FSC: Mix - Board.