Compound W Maximum Strength Fast Acting Liquid Wart Remover, 0.31 fl oz

Easily remove stubborn common and plantar warts with this fast-acting, maximum strength formula. Compound W Fast acting wart removal liquid contains salicylic acid, a trusted active ingredient in wart removal. From gels and liquids to freezing methods, there's a Compound W product that's just right for you. Each wart removal type easily and effectively removes warts. The Freeze wart removal method freezes the wart to kill the virus and can remove warts in as few as one treatment. Medicated bandages and topical liquids and gels slowly soften and peel away the wart over time with salicylic acid. While Freeze wart treatments can remove warts relatively quickly, medicated bandages and topical gels and liquids can take up to several weeks to fully remove a wart. Compound W also has special wart remover products specially designed for kids with two removal types — freeze and medicated bandages. Compound W offers a variety of wart treatment products so you can treat warts at home and get back to looking and feeling great.