Coronado Caramel Candy Dulce de Leche Lollipop

Change the way you indulge your sweeter side when you try the famous and classic taste of Coronado’s Dulce De Leche packed into a delicious lollipop. Crafted to perfection since 1932, our Dulce de Leche recipe is made with real goat’s milk and just a few other high-quality ingredients for a simple, yet decadent taste. Also known as "Cajeta", our recipe remains true to tradition and still delivers the sweet and creamy flavor that have spoiled taste buds for decades. With its smooth and silky texture, this caramelized treat is perfect for sweetening up your next lunch or meal. Individually wrapped and made at just the perfect size, you can add a sweet moment to your day whenever you wish—whether you’re at the office, headed to school, hanging out with friends, or just walking around town. Plus, our caramel-flavored suckers are great for adding a sweeter surprise to birthday celebrations, handing out for Halloween, placing a few in your Dia De Muertos altar, mixing in a gift bag as a party favor, using as a stocking stuffer, or enjoying as the perfect treat for movie night. Grab a bag of Coronado’s Dulce De Leche Lollipops and Crown Your Cravings today.