EGG BEATERS Southwestern Style Real Egg Product, No Cholesterol, No Fat, Real Eggs, 15 oz.

Spice up your morning with a 15-ounce carton of EGG BEATERS Southwestern Style real egg product. Made with 100% natural egg whites and the bold flavors of red and green peppers, onions and spices, you can enjoy a south-of-the-border twist. EGG BEATERS provides a good source of protein with no cholesterol or fat, so you can enjoy your breakfast fuss-free and guilt-free. Best of all, they contain half the calories* of regular eggs. Plus, the convenient carton makes it easy to pour and measure eggs for any recipe and holds the equivalent of seven large eggs. So scramble these liquid eggs to add bold, Southwestern flavor to a breakfast burrito for an easy, on-the-go meal. Eggs aren't bad for you, but when you want to cut back on cholesterol, calories or fat, make a simple swap for EGG BEATERS Southwestern Style Real Egg Product. * Than USDA data for a large egg