Fleet Laxative Saline Enema for Constipation, 4.5 fl oz

Fleet is the number 1 doctor-recommended brand for enemas(1). With Fleet Saline Enema, you get gentle constipation relief within minutes. Fleet enemas feature a soft, pre-lubricated Comfortip for easy insertion and have 25 percent more lubrication for maximum comfort. Everything you need for gentle relief from adult constipation is in a single pack of Fleet Saline Enema. Avoid bulky enema kits and enjoy relief on-the-go with the small and discreet Fleet Saline Enema. A practical choice to help with colon cleansing or to prepare for rectal exams. Containing a protective shield that prevents contamination, latex-free Fleet Saline Enemas are safe to use when used as directed. Free yourself from discomfort caused by adult constipation with Fleet Enemas and Suppositories. (1)ProVoice data 02.1.22 to 01.31.23.