Goya Instant Mexican Rice

Cooks in 5 minutes. New! Add the authentic flavor of Goya Instant Mexican Rice to any meal - fast! Precooked long grain rice is seasoned with a medley of corn, onion, peppers and chicken flavor. Goya Mexican Rice goes great with Mexican dishes, like tacos and refried beans. It's the perfect pair for your favorite meat, chicken and seafood recipes, too! Goya Instant Mexican Rice: authentic, homemade taste - but ready when you are! Some great Goya ideas for dinner! Tacos Fiesta: If you want to surprise your family tonight, make tacos with Goya Instant Mexican Rice. Just cook up some ground meat with your favorite seasonings, fill tacos shells with your choice of vegetables and shredded cheese, and serve it alongside Goya Instant Mexican Rice for a meal your family will enjoy over and over. Tasty Pork Chops: Add excitement to this classic selection by mixing pork chops with Goya Instant Mexican Rice. Just cook the pork chops, the way you usually would, with your favorite vegetables, and for a change have Goya Instant Mexican Rice to enliven the meal. For all the foods, recipes and cuisines of Latin America, visit goya.com. The ultimate resource of Latino cooking.