Juicy Drop Pop Sweet Lollipops Candy with Sour Liquid, Assorted Flavors, .92oz

Sweet, delicious lollipop and super sour gel that can be used to create the perfect mix of sweet and sour in every delicious bite. Pull the yelllow handle to get the lollipop then squeeze the clear button to drop the sour gel into the drop zone of the sweet pop--try a little or a lot! With kid-favorite Juicy Drop Pop, you can get a unique and delicious 2-in-1 sweet and sour candy experience. Pick from a selection of tasty fruit flavors: Knock-Out Punch (Fruit Punch), Blue Rebel (Blue Raspberry), Blue Razz Watermelon Blast (Blue Raspberry Watermelon), Wild Cherry Berry, or Cherry Melon Boom Kids love finding their perfect mix of sweet and sour with Juicy Drop Pop! A fun treat for kids for any occasion or just because! Also great for snacking, back to school, Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, Stocking Stuffers, Valentines, Easter basket fillers, and summer celebrations Disclaimer: Not for children 3 and under.