Kool-Aid Strawberry, Orange & Lemon Lime Sugar Free Artificially Flavored Jell-O Ready-to-Eat Jello Cups Gelatin Snack Variety Pack, 12 ct Cups

Kool-Aid Sugar Free Ready-to-Eat Gelatin Variety Pack is a delicious and fun way to snack. These ready-to-eat cups deliver the classic flavor of powdered Kool Aid flavored drinks in a gelatin form for instant enjoyment. Enjoy the refreshingly sweet taste of strawberry, orange and lemon lime gelatin. This low calorie gelatin has no sugar and no preservatives, and is always a great choice for the whole family. These individually sealed gelatin cups make it easy to enjoy a tasty snack anywhere. Enjoy these gelatin cups at work or at home, or pack them in a lunch. Store the 37.6 ounce gelatin 12 pack in the fridge so they're always cold and ready when you're craving a mouthwatering treat on a hot day.