LILY'S Milk Chocolate Style No Sugar Added, Gluten Free Sweets Bar, 3 oz

Who would turn down the sweet decadence? Certainly not us, probably not you, and for sure not anyone looking to have a tasty time. Whether this confection shows up at a birthday party, movie night, bowling league championship, sports game, book club meeting or lunch break from work, it'll perk up the taste buds of anyone who manages to get in on the action. Share the sweet goodness of LILY'S sweet and creamy milk chocolate style confections straight out of the freezer for a cold treat, or break this bar into pieces to include in your favorite baked goods. Not to be upstaged, this creamy milk dessert offers just the right sweetness. This bar is made with stevia and 40% cacao, and it's a treat that is free of added sugar. Bring your Valentine's Day gift bags, Easter baskets, Christmas stockings and Halloween party favors to an unheard of level of deliciousness with gluten-free LILY'S sweet and creamy milk chocolate style confections. Ready for that tasty time we mentioned earlier? Grab a bar and see for yourself.