Lunchables Chicken Dunks with Strawberry Nerds Candy and Capri Sun Fruit Punch Fun Pack, 9.8 oz Box

Built to be eaten, our Lunchables Chicken Dunks Meal Kit is the perfect option for a convenient meal kids will enjoy any time of day! Our chicken nugget lunch kit features real, epic food including Oscar Mayer breaded white meat chicken nuggets, ketchup dipping sauce, a juicy Capri Sun fruit punch drink and sweet Nerds candy for a dessert treat. Great for on the go, each ingredient comes in its own individual compartment in our serving tray, making it easy and fun to build your own unique combinations. Every 9.8 ounce box contains 9 grams of protein per serving. Always remember to keep your Lunchables refrigerated until you are ready to experience a delicious meal.