Marinela Principe Chocolate Filled Sandwich Cookies, Artificially Flavored, 8 count, 17.76 oz

Are you in the mood for something delicious? Principe cookies will satisfy your craving. Enjoy the delectable taste of two crisp embossed cookies with a rich artificially flavored chocolate filling sandwiched between them for a taste you won’t forget. No need to go to the bakery; Principe cookies are wrapped for freshness, every time. They are a great snack for kids to enjoy with a glass of ice-cold milk while sharing with friends, or as a special treat after their soccer game. Adults love Principe cookies with their afternoon coffee or as an indulgent little dessert.  Marinela stands for fun! Our products include favorites like crème-filled chocolate cupcakes, butter cookies, and unique varieties like orange and raisin cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Take one bite of any of our cookies, snack cakes, or pies, and you’ll get a taste of how cool it is to go back to your childhood again! Marinela Is in Me. Marinela Is in You.