P.A.N. 100% White Corn Instant Dough Pre-Cooked White Maize Meal

100% white corn. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Certified Gluten-Free. P.A.N. pre-cooked corn meal is a unique product made out of pure corn. It is gluten-free and does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings as it is the result of a chemical free production process. Just by adding water, P.A.N. makes instant corn dough, creating a variety of delicious and easy corn based dishes that can be adapted to different tastes and customs. Perfect to Make: arepa reina pepiada; empanada de carne; cornbread; porridge; tamal; corn pancakes. www.pancorn.com. Contact us: www.pancorn.com. For more delicious recipes visit www.pancorn.com or scan QR code. Try other P.A.N. Products: Pre-cooked yellow corn; sweet corn mix; and enjoy delicious and unique recipes! Made in U.S.A.