Post Oreo O's Breakfast Cereal Sweetened Corn and Oat Cereal, 11 Ounce boxes

With Post Oreo O’s cereal you can enjoy the chocolatey flavor of Oreos in a breakfast cereal. Our Post dream cereals bring your favorite flavors to your breakfast table. Chocolatey, crunchy O’s with the Oreo cookie taste you love and a delicious creme coating combine to give you an irresistible bowlful of cookie flavored milk. Post Oreo O’s cereal is made with wholesome corn and oat flour and packs a crunch into every spoonful. Enjoy this cereal as part of a fun, chocolatey breakfast, or as a snack when your cookie cravings hit. Don't forget to try our other dream cereal flavors! It’s the stuff breakfast dreams are made of!