Purina Friskies Pate Wet Cat Food, Chicken & Tuna Dinner

Pamper your cat with Purina Friskies Pate Chicken and Tuna Dinner wet cat food for dinner. Made with real chicken and tuna, which deliver high-quality protein to help support her muscles and an active lifestyle, this delicious pate is 100 percent complete and balanced for the growth of kittens and maintenance of adult cats. The smooth texture of the pate in this can is easy to chew and swallow by both kittens and older cats alike, while the paired flavors of enticing seafood and irresistible poultry create a taste cats love and that will bring her running when she hears the can open up at mealtime. Satisfy her cravings for a hearty, nutritious wet cat food with a recipe that's carefully crafted to give her the nutrients she needs for her overall health and that has added vitamins and minerals to help keep her going strong at every life stage.