Ricolino Paleta Payaso Chocolate Marshmallow Lollipop

Grab a bag of Ricolino Paleta Payaso Marshmallow Lollipops and experience layers of sweet flavors delivered in a one-of-a-kind smiling clown face design. Our lollipops deliver a treat that taste as good as they look. The light and fluffy marshmallow core is dipped in a chocolate artificially flavored coating and finally finished with sweet and tangy gummies to give our suckers their signature smiling faces. Our lollipops are perfect for giving your next fiesta a true Latin flair; just pack the piñata and get ready to add a bit of delicious fun to the party. Our marshmallow and chocolate flavored confections artificially flavored are perfect for sweetening up birthday celebrations, passing out at trick or treat, mixing in a gift bag as a party favor for children, using as a stocking stuffer, or enjoying as the perfect treat for movie night. Explore our vast assortment of treats and discover new snacks that provide an unforgettable tasty experience for you and your taste buds. However you choose to indulge, make the moment sweeter when you treat yourself with Ricolino candy.