SANPELLEGRINO Italian Sparkling Drinks Tonica with Citrus 6.76 oz. glass 4-pack

Sanpellegrino Tonica with Citrus is a fragrant tonic water with hints of lemon and orange peel. This unique premium tonic water has a balanced complexity that makes it easily adaptable to many different types of mixed drinks. Delicate scents of bitter bark are balanced with the sweet freshness of orange peel that complements, not overpowers, other flavors in mixers. It leaves the palate with soft, refreshing notes of lemon. SANPELLEGRINO has been delighting the world with authentic Italian taste since 1932. Crafted by the experts of taste, Sanpellegrino’s range of Italian sparkling drinks are your perfect partner for every moment in life. Premium flavors for delightful adventures, take your time to pick, chill, and let your evenings flow with Sanpellegrino.