Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps, Honey Mustard and Onion, 7.2 Oz

Snack Factory® Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Crisps are a modern twist on traditional pretzels. Made with quality ingredients and baked up thin and crunchy, they marry the tangy flavor of mustard and onion with the irresistible sweetness of honey for bold flavor. Pretzel Crisps give you the best part of pretzels without the doughy center, for a satisfying, hearty crunch in a sturdy shape that's dippable, toppable, and deliciously snackable. Made from quality ingredients and baked just right, Pretzel Crisps’ slim but sturdy profile holds up to any of your favorite dips. Layer your favorite deli lunch meat, a small slice of cheese, mustard, and mayo between two pretzels - yum! These delicious honey mustard and onion pieces are also sure to satisfy your cravings straight out of the bag. You’ll want to keep plenty of resealable 7.2-ounce pretzel bags in your pantry as they make a delicious anytime snack for family and friends. Dip or no dip, Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Crisps are flat-out delicious.