STARBURST Sour Berries Gummy Candy, 5.8 oz Bag

STARBURST Sour Berries Gummy Candy delivers a sour punch with unexplainably juicy berry flavor in each piece. The chewier, sour version of everyone's favorite fruity candy, STARBURST sour gummy candy is so good they will keep you coming back for more. Each pack of STARBURST Sour Berries chewy candy comes with a mix of cherry, strawberry, blue raspberry, and watermelon sour gummies. Keep a pack in your pantry or at your desk for a sour candy treat anytime. There's more than enough gummy candy to share with friends in each pack. Make sure to bring a pack along on family road trips and enjoy the sour-packed flavor of STARBURST Sour Berries Gummies. Break them out at movie night or game night to add a little fun to your candy buffet spread. With STARBURST Sour Berries Gummy Candy, there are endless ways to enjoy a burst of juicy sour flavor every.