Zatarain's Garden District Kitchen DPP

In New Orleans, flavorful food is part of the culinary heritage. Enter this vibrant, 10-minute rice mix, inspired by salsa verde. Perfect as an easy weeknight side or dinner starter, it combines bright, tangy lime, zesty cumin and jalapeno with whole grain brown rice and red beans. Zatarain’s Garden District Kitchen Brown Rice with Beans is a nod to New Orleans’ Garden District, a neighborhood of graceful homes and gardens. It’s near where Emile Zatarain founded the storefront company in the early 1800’s. This tasty blend of brown rice and red beans seasoned with garlic, cumin and jalapeno cooks in just 10 minutes — just right for every day dinners. It contains an impressive 10g protein and 14g fiber per serving*. *See nutrition information for sodium content.