Tony’s Fresh Market Curbside Pickup Guide

Welcome to Tony’s Fresh Market’s ‘Curbside Pickup’ Guide! Whether it’s your first time using our services or your first time using pickup in general, we made an easy step-by-step guide for the pickup process. 

Please review these steps that go through a typical order. If you have any specific FAQ questions, please visit our Pickup FAQ or ask a question on our Pickup Forum. Any other questions can be directed to or through our Contact Us Form. You can also let us know about your Curbside Pickup experience by filling out our review form here.

Let’s begin this Curbside Pickup Order!

Step 1 – Create an Account

First, create an account on our website. Add basic information about yourself (Name, Email, Phone Number) and select your store location. Please note that we only have Curbside Pickup available for our Lincoln Ave., Fullerton Ave., Berwyn, Burbank, Hanover Park, Niles, Prospect Heights, Countryside, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield locations.

Tony's Fresh Market Pick Up Step One

Once you have added your information, you will be taken to this “Congratulation” page.


Step 2 – Start Shopping

Next, it’s time to shop! Click the SHOP Button to start. You can add items to your basket, adjust the quantity, and write notes about a product.

To search for a product, use the search bar within the shop. You can also search for products in the category dropdown.


Tony's Fresh Market Pick Up Store

The Shop view within Tony’s Fresh Market website.


Tony's Fresh Market Pick Up Search Bar

Search for items such as “pasta sauce” in the Shop Search Bar


Step 3 – Checkout

Review your list by clicking the “View Full List” dropdown option in the shopping cart or click the green “Checkout” button. Verify your pickup information and select a pickup date/time.

Please add any special instructions to your pickup order in the text box. You are also given an Estimated Total with the Item Total, Pickup Fee, and Provisional Hold added together.

Tony's Fresh Market Pick Up Checkout

The first checkout screen for your pickup order.


Step 4 – Review Your Order

Step two of the checkout process is to review your order before confirmation and payment. Review the details of your order, add in any further notes, and enter a promotional code. Only one promotional code per day can be used per customer.

Tony's Fresh Market Review Pick Up

In the second step of the checkout process, you will review your order.


Step 5 – Payment through Worldpay

Tony’s Fresh Market uses Worldpay for online transactions for pickup services. Please enter your information into this safe and confidential portal. Once the transaction processes, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been placed and received at the store. You will receive a second confirmation email once your order is ready for pickup.

Tony's Fresh Market Pick Up Payment

The payment portal through WorldPay for Pickup Orders.


Step 6 (Optional) – Check Your Pickup Order & Make Changes

Once your order is placed, you can always review your order status by clicking “My Account” and then “My Orders.” All your orders are available in the “My Orders” list and you can review their status. You can edit and add items to your order by selecting a current order.

Tony's Fresh Market Pick Up Status

In the “My Orders” section of your account, you can view the status of all orders placed.


Step 7 – Curbside Pickup

Once your order is ready for pickup, you will receive a confirmation email. Please drive safely to your selected Tony’s Fresh Market location and park in one of the two allocated “Pickup” Parking Spaces. Call the number on the Curbside Pickup Parking Space Sign and a member of our Pickup team will be out with your groceries.

And that concludes the pickup guide for Tony’s Fresh Market. If you have any questions beyond our pickup guide, we recommend visiting the Pickup FAQ. If you have any other questions, please fill out a Contact Us Form and a member of our team will respond shortly.