Tony’s Loyalty Program – Terms & Conditions


Do you have a Tony’s Loyalty Account?

It’s easy to join Tony’s Loyalty Program. Simply create an account, start clipping coupons digitally, and redeem them at the register during checkout.

Tony’s Loyalty Program is available at all Tony’s Fresh Market locations. Coupons must be clipped to your account to be redeemed. A 10-digit phone number must be entered at the pin pad to redeem coupons.

If you already have a Tony’s Loyalty account, then you can begin clipping digital coupons HERE.

If you have a Tony’s account (either on the app or website) but are not set-up for Loyalty, then please scroll below to see how to sign-up for our Loyalty program as well.

*Only one (1) Tony’s Loyalty Account is eligible per person. Freebie Friday Digital Coupons and most other Digital Coupons are limited to one (1) per person. Accounts identified as multiple account users under the same name, phone number, and/or email address may be deactivated.*

Tony’s Points Program

Have you already been collecting points for Tony’s Loyalty program? Then check out our Points Specials to Redeem Points NOW! Every $1 spent = 10 points!

Tony’s Loyalty Points expire 3 months following issuance.

As of Wednesday, September 6, 2023, Tony’s Loyalty Program Points expire after 3 months of issuance.

Have a question about our Loyalty Program? Please feel free to fill out our Loyalty Program Contact Form and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem points that have already been added to your account, visit our Points Special page. There are digital coupons that you can clip to your account using points. Tony’s Loyalty Points expire 3 months following issuance.

When your account has enough points for a Points Special Digital Coupon, then you will be able to clip the digital coupon. The points will automatically deduct from your account and the digital coupon will be clipped to your account to then use in your next applicable transaction. 

In a Tony’s Loyalty Transaction, every $1 spent equals 10 points.

How do you create a Tony’s Loyalty Account? 

To have access to our digital coupons, all you need to do is create a Tony’s Fresh Market account on the Tony’s website or App. 

Start by clicking on “Create an Account” and fill in all fields. Once you have created an account, then you can begin clipping coupons and redeeming them at the register. Enjoy!


Did you create a Tony’s Account before our Loyalty Program began?

No problem! Go into your account through “My Account.” Below date of birth, press the green button “Register for Tony’s NEW Loyalty Rewards Program.”


Our website will then ask you if you would like to request a new card. Please press “Yes.”

A barcode will then appear in your account and you are now registered for Tony’s Loyalty program. You can now begin clipping digital coupons!


Do you have any questions about our Loyalty Program? Then, please feel free to fill out our Loyalty Program Contact Form and a member of our team will be in touch.

What if I get an ERROR when adding Loyalty to my account?

Example Error Message of a store card issue. There are two accounts registered to this phone number.

If you get an error message while adding Loyalty to your account, then please email us at our Loyalty Program Contact Form. It may be possible that you have two accounts registered under the same phone number or email. If that is the case, then a member of our team will merge the two accounts together and give access to Loyalty.

Either way, a member of our team will help troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing. Again, please contact us directly by filling out our Loyalty Program Contact Form.

Terms and Conditions

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO OBTAIN AND/OR TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP IN TONY’S FINER FOODS ENTERPRISES, LLC’S (“TONY’S FINER FOODS”) LOYALTY REWARD PROGRAM (“PROGRAM”). YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 6 YEARS OLD OR OLDER AND A RESIDENT OF THE US TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP. PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP IS LIMITED TO INDIVIDUALS ONLY AND IS LIMITED TO ONE ACCOUNT PER INDIVIDUAL – A VIOLATION OF THIS RULE MAY CAUSE A SUSPENSION OF ALL ACCOUNTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE INDIVIDUAL. BY SUBMITTING YOUR FORM AND/OR REDEEMING PROGRAM POINTS, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. YOU MAY CANCEL YOUR PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP AT ANY TIME WITHOUT ANY COST TO YOU. CANCELLING YOUR PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOSE ACCESS AND/OR REDEEMPTION RIGHTS TO ANY POINTS IN YOUR ACCOUNT AT THE TIME OF TERMINATION. EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW, POINTS ARE NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH, CHECK OR STORE CREDIT. ALL POINTS EXPIRE WITHIN NINETY (90) DAYS, COMMENCING FROM THE DATE THE POINT ACCRUED IN YOUR ACCOUNT. Program points are only accrued for eligible purchases. For a list of ineligible purchases, please visit here – which may be modified, restricted, removed, added, deleted or otherwise amended from time-to-time without any advance notice. Program points cannot be used for purchasing gift cards of any kind. Tony’s Finer Foods reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict Points or any aspect of the Program and/or Program membership, including, without limitation, the point conversion ratio and the point expiration policy at any time. Any changes can be made without advance notice. Tony’s Finer Foods may make these changes even though such changes may affect the member’s ability to use points already accumulated. Except as otherwise provided herein, Program points can only be accrued from eligible in-store purchases; provided however, Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart (“Instacart”) is currently an authorized third-party online merchant to accrue members’ Program points for eligible online purchases (see link above for ineligible purchases). More information on redeeming Program points for online purchases through Instacart, please visit their website. You are responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the Program’s terms and conditions. A member’s points balance, as reflected in Tony’s Finer Foods’ records, shall be deemed correct. Tony’s Finer Foods reserves the right to determine the amount of points in any member’s account based on Tony’s Finer Foods’ internal records related to such member’s account. In the event of an inconsistency between the amount accrued in a member’s account as stated on any member’s receipt and Tony’s Finer Foods’ internal records, Tony’s Finer Foods’ internal records will control. Tony’s Finer Foods assumes no responsibility for errors caused by incorrect membership and/or account information.