A Anise Wafer Thins

The original filled honey wafers by Anisi. Low-fat. The all-natural great snack. 3 pack - 90 calories each. 100% natural. No preservatives. Over 80 years ago, Mama Anisi brought her old world European family delight to America. The Original Filled Honey Wafers by Anisi blossomed through the love and support of our preferred family of customers. Mama Anisi would be proud to know that the now third generation Wafer Thins are created in the same old world style. Wafer Thins have a unique honey candy filling, sandwiched between two thin delicious wafers. Try them as an all natural alternative to cookies, chips and other snacks. They are great by themselves or as a compliment to ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate and yogurt. Wafer Thins are a sweet, yet light tasting snack enjoyed by the entire family.