Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Vanilla, 16 oz

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla ice cream. Yes, that’s the only ingredient. Would you really want your favorite pint of vanilla to include anything else? When you dig into this pint, you’ll find a rich, creamy Vanilla that’s more vanilla-tasting than any Vanilla you’ve ever tasted. That makes sense, though because we’ve always been of the opinion that Vanilla should never be plain vanilla, if you know what we mean. Our Vanilla has a complexity that may surprise you. But there's more to our Vanilla ice cream than its incredible beyond-homemade taste. It's consciously concocted with a particularly flavorful Fairtrade vanilla blend, including vanilla made from beans grown and harvested by small-scale farmers in Uganda. They're members of local farmer associations that support sustainable farming practices. The premiums we pay for their quality vanilla help them reinvest in their families and communities for a positive change. To us, that makes every scoop all the sweeter. Talk about a win-win: Delicious ice cream and a better world. The cocoa, sugar, bananas, coffee, and vanilla in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream comes from Fairtrade certified producers. Our ice cream and frozen desserts contain Non-GMO sourced ingredients and eggs from cage-free hens, and our packaging is always responsibly sourced.