Clamato Michelada Especial, 32 fl oz bottle

Making cocktails with Clamato just got easier with Clamato Michelada Especial. Made with an authentic, invigorating blend flavored with tomato juice and spices, this is the easy way to make an Authentic Michelada. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing juice alternative or want to share the great taste with friends and family, it’s the perfect drink for any occasion. Clamato Michelada Especial starts with the zesty taste of Clamato – an authentic, invigorating blend of tomato juices and spices – and adds all the ingredients you love, like Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, jalapeño, lime juice, salt and black pepper. Then they are all perfectly blended for that perfect combination of flavors just the way you like it. Enjoy the delicious flavor of Clamato Michelada Especial with beer, on its own, in a Bloody Mary, or even your favorite food dishes. Get more of the taste you love with Clamato Michelada Especial. Please drink responsibly.