Lipton Liquid Iced Tea Mix Lemon, 2.43 oz

Lipton’s expert mixologist has crafted a delicious blend of Lipton liquid iced tea Mix with Lemon flavor to make the most refreshingly sweetened tea for you and your family. Our liquid iced tea mixes are made from real tea leaves and flavors from natural sources, so the taste is always delicious and satisfying. Lipton liquid iced tea mix is the perfect addition for any of your meals because is the perfect combination of sweetness and lemon heaven. So don’t just default to the usual with your meals or in the afternoon. Enjoy the sweet, Lemon filled flavor taste of Lipton lemon liquid iced black tea mix. A brilliant taste for a brighter day! Lipton liquid iced tea mixes are the easiest way to prepare delicious and refreshing iced tea in just seconds. Just squeeze a little or a lot to customize the perfect glass of iced tea to your taste. At Lipton, we never compromise on quality. Only the best tea leaves go into our iced tea liquid mixes. All our tea leaves are sourced from around the world and expertly blended so you can enjoy a premium quality experience. You will reward yourself with the fresh, delicious taste that makes iced tea a great choice for a beverage.