Menage a Trois Decadence Cabernet Sauvignon, 750mL Wine Bottle

Menage a Trois Decadence Cabernet Sauvignon arouses your senses with generous berry aromas kissed by bittersweet chocolate. Black cherry, black currant and blackberry flavors mingle with lavish vanilla spice on the palate before culminating in a smooth, lingering finish. This full-bodied Cabernet wine received 93 Points at the American Wine Society Competition in 2020. Pair this extravagant Cabernet Sauvignon red wine with red meats and hard cheeses, such as aged cheddar or gouda. This wine is made using grapes from some of California’s finest wine growing regions: Lodi, Monterey and the North Coast. The wine is infused with French oak, which imparts a lavish mouthfeel and irresistibly sultry hints of vanilla. A touch of Merlot is also added for depth and complexity. This bottled wine has 13.9% alcohol by volume. Menage a Trois offers a robust portfolio of award-winning wines that consistently delight with a high-quality experience.