Vlasic Squeezable Homestyle Sweet Relish, 9 OZ

Vlasic Squeezable Homestyle Sweet Relish is deliciously sweet pickle relish. Cucumbers, salt and vinegar, along with the Vlasic secret seasoning recipe and other ingredients, make this Vlasic pickle relish one-of-a-kind. This sweet pickle relish contains 15 calories per serving and adds flavor to any sandwich. Vlasic relish is squeezable and spreadable, conveniently ready to top your sandwich. Top your hot dogs and hamburgers with sweet pickle relish to give them delicious flavor, and keep it on hand for picnics and grilling. Stir sweet pickle relish into dressings, or add it to salad recipes. The sweet relish is packed in a 9 ounce resealable bottle to keep it fresh and delicious. From classic dill pickle spears to barbecue ready relish, Vlasic offers several flavors and sizes of pickles, peppers and relish.