White Mountain Whole Milk Bulgarian Yogurt

Whole milk probiotic. Up to 90 billion CFU per serving! Changing the way the world eats. No artificial hormones. Grade A. Live acidophilus. What our customers have to say: I was just shopping at a local health food store when I saw another customer place a jar of your yogurt in her cart. I asked her about it - and she said it was wonderful. I bought some and just had my first bowl. I don't think I will ever eat any other yogurt again. It is delicious. - Mariellen. I want to compliment you for your really incredible yogurt. We really love it and buy 1-2 gallons a week. My 8 yr old son is particularly fond of it and has had it every day of this entire school year in his lunch box. You are our absolute favorite - thanks! - Jacqueline. Your yogurt is unsurpassed!!! I was born in Bulgaria but have lived in the US for 15 years. I don't miss many foods except our yogurt and I have never been able to find the right one here. That is until I found yours. - Milena. I have worked as a chef/cook for 35 yrs in some of the best dining facilities. For flavor consistency and authenticity - there is no comparison to White Mountain Yogurt. - Don. Find us on Facebook. Why buy White Mountain Foods Bulgarian Yogurt? White Mountain Pure Foods Company is a 30 year, family owned and operated health food manufacturer located in Austin, TX. Since inception our company goals have been to produce healthy, tasty, pure food; provide a living wage for our employees, and maintain a healthy environment. Our yogurt is a traditional style, immune system supporting staple food. The natural fermentation process we use reduces the lactose content of the milk making it easily digested, and allows our yogurt to have a pro-biotic supplement level of many billions of living culture per serving. The live culture not only aids in the digestion of the milk but also populates our digestive tract, increasing the nutritive value of all the foods we eat through more efficient digestion. Due to our simple, traditional ingredients our yogurt's versatility in the kitchen is legendary. Enjoy our yogurt right out of the jar, on cereal, with fruit or your favorite sweetener; in rice, lamb, chicken or beef dishes, or as a base for low calorie dips, spreads, soups and smoothies. Our yogurt can also be used as a starter for home yogurt making. With no thickeners, stabilizers or added sugars and packed in glass to avoid chemical contamination from plastics our yogurt is simply the finest available! Taste the difference and take our TryUsFor5Days.com challenge. Container single service only, please recycle. www.wmfoods.com. Find us on Facebook.