Pork Menú Urbano

Posted on October 28th, 2020

Menú Urbano

Get inspired by these delicious Menú Urbano Pork recipes

Food is a powerful bridge to connect us to different cultures even when eating at our own dinner table. Which is why are so excited to bring you Menú Urbano from the National Pork Board.

This unique menu connects at-home-cooks with the street food cultures of Miami, Los Angeles, El Paso, and Tijuana, Mexico. By reimagining classic street food dishes, Tony’s shoppers can also create these delicious recipes at home.

Without a doubt, the authentic flavors of pork stand out at the forefront of each of these recipes. There is a reason why pork is the most popular protein in the world. . . its delicious flavor, variety of cuts, and affordability make it an easy solution for delicious street food options.

Check out the recipes below and get inspired by Pork’s Menú Urbano. Experience the tastes of Miami with a classic Grilled Cubano Sandwich, El Paso with Traditional Pork Tamales, and Los Angeles with Tacos de Carnitas.

Grilled Cubano Sandwich
Miami, FL

A variation of a classic ham and cheese sandwich that likely originated in Florida cafes around 1896, the Cubano Sandwich is a staple in Miami street food.

Without a doubt, Menú Urbano makes it easy to take this street food recipe home by simply grilling this tasty sandwich. Start by blending the unique flavors of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles and you’re on your way to enjoying this Miami favorite.

Traditional Pork Tamales
El Paso, TX

Although Tamales have been made as early as 7,000 B.C., the modern tamale that we know today became the perfect meeting place of Mesoamerican and European cultures.

In comparison, the “recent” innovation of what we know today as a tamale really took off in El Paso in the 1920s. It’s developed into a holiday tradition that the whole family takes part in. And it’s easy to see why! This recipe makes a ton of tamales. So, you will need help to make and eat the tamales.

Tacos de Carnitas
Los Angeles, CA

LA is known for not only its street food but also delicious carnitas. Easy to carry and enjoy, Tacos de Carnitas featured in Menú Urbano are prepared authentic slow-cooked pork.

Bring home the Los Angeles street food flavor to dinner with our Crockpot Tacos de Carnitas recipe. Once you’re ready to eat, garnish your taco with cabbage, cilantro, or avocado. Whatever you choose, this pork seriously packs the flavor.

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